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Welcome to California's Kindest, where we specialize in the Delivery of the highest quality, top shelf medicines to all qualified patients who suffer from a serious condition, life illness or medical ailment, and who are in need of natural holistic treatment and herbal therapy.

"So Easy and Kind"

"This is an amazing service. Being my first time using this type of service, they made it easy and comfortable. They bring a very nice variety of products, and explain the benefits. Their delivery person was discreet so as not to raise any suspicions with neighbors. It's just so easy. You make a quick call and next thing you know it's delivered to your door. And it's less expensive than having to go through another channel because you don't have to use gas and you can sometimes get a free cigarette or baked good."

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Call in so You can Stay Home!!: (858) 225-1717

Hours of Operation: 9:30am - 11:00pm 7 Days a Week!

To get your free delivery, just call and we will start the process with you on the phone

(We are an appointment based company, and for your convenience, we schedule appointments until 11:00pm)

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- California's Kindest is a non-profit Collective that offers only the finest, organic, top grade medical cannabis to our patients.

- We offer discounted medical marijuana to the disabled, veterans, and qualified patients over the age of 60 years old with a valid ID.

- All Medical Marijuana patients are required to have a valid recommendation from a doctor pursuant to Prop 215, and a valid California State ID.

As a non-profit cooperative, we offer the best holistic medications available at the lowest possible prices, and only accept donations for the time and costs of producing our own medication. Our member growers are the best and produce only the highest quality medical marijuana under precisely controlled and monitored environments.

California's Kindest is a Members-Based, Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporation operating in strict accordance with the CA Attorney General's guidelines, California Prop. 215 and Senate Bill 420 H&S 11362.5. We only serve certified medical cannabis patients living in San Diego County. We work hard to ensure all of our patient members receive the utmost care in privacy and discretion, and are all treated with the highest standards of compassionate care.

We pledge to honor the trust of the citizens of San Diego County and rigorously observe the laws set by the State of California. We promise to serve San Diego as honest and compassionate ambassadors of the medical marijuana community.


Copyright 2015 - California's Kindest, a Non-Profit Entity